New Adobe Lightroom 6 and Adobe Media for Telling a Story

As many of you fellow photographers know Adobe updated Lightroom to version 6 this week. It was a rather easy transition to the new version through my photographer's CC subscription. My only moments of holding my breath came when the image screen in the Develop module went blue.  It was fixed when I turned off the use of a graphic card in the preferences menu.  The new version of Lightroom can use graphic cards to accelerate the development of images but the program wasn't compatible with the graphics card in my HP laptop.  So far I like version 6 especially when trying out the HDR and panoramas without going to Photoshop or third-party HDR software.  I saves the HDR image in a digital negative format rather than as a TIF.   I also hear that new additions and improvements to the Development Module are coming in early summer. Can't wait!

I noted during the updating that Adobe was also offering for those with CC photography subscriptions free access to a new Adobe program and service on iPad called Adobe Slate. I've been trying it out the last couple of days and I love it. It's a wonderful media for combining photographs and text to communicate a story or message. Check it out! It's quite easy to use, powerful and fun.

I did a small promotional document for my photography to try out the new medium. Check it out at: