Passing a Personal Milestone

This morning I passed a personal photography milestone.  

Three years ago I  purchased a Canon EOS 7D and made a commitment that I'd independently study and pursue photography as a passion and invocation. I'd  been  interested in photography since the 1970's using my SLR film cameras, an Minolta 102 and then Canon EOS 650.  But the cost of shooting and processing film and the busyness of professional and family life prevented me from really pursuing it as a passion.  I made the switch to digital photography with an early Sony camera and then a Canon EOS 10D and started to use Photoshop in the early 2000's.  But my family and work took priority over really pursuing photography.

So January 2012 marked when I upgraded my equipment and software, and begun to truly study and practice photography. It took me a year before I began to show some of my photographs with groups like the Photoshop Users Group.  Then in the summer 2012 as my family and I went to the American Southwest , I began to share on Google+ where I found a very mentoring international photographic community.  As I offered some of my photographs of the Southwest, the "Landscape Photography" Community Group provided some much appreciated positive feedback and members of that group actively introduced me to other outstanding US and international landscape photographers.  That community has provided me the opportunity to get feedback, share, see and learn more about photographic expression.  I've continued since then to offer a several photographs each month that can be a basis of expanding my interactions and friendships.

This morning the number of views of my photographs on Google+ passed 1 million.  I realize that a million views is not really a "big deal" these days, but for me personally it is a a road marker that reminds me that I've traveled some distance in my pursuit of photography in the last three years.  Like opening my first website this last summer, joining LVPC and being in a couple of LVPC's photography exhibits this year,  it is another milestone that marks progress in a journey that I'm committed to pursue. So today I celebrate my progress and joy in my  journey of photographic expression.