Planning for 2015

As 2015 begins, I'm led to consider the key subjects and goals for my photography in the coming year.  

The local landscapes and historical cityscapes are always attractive subjects especially with winter snows creating striking scenes and then the warming of spring and blooming of flora create expressive opportunities. From our back kitchen window I've been making photographs of the birds that visit our backyard feeders.  I've also begun to work on macro-photography of flowers and light painting of scenes.  A February trip to Longwood Gardens is in the planning and I would love to go back repeatedly for all the seasons. As Ann and I take trips to Rochester in the spring and summer to visit our son and daughter at the University of Rochester, I hope to stop off at photographic destinations in the New York Finger Lakes and the nearby waterfalls.  

Regionally, I certainly plan to better explore and photograph the falls of Ricketts Glen and falls along the Delaware River near Milford, PA.  It been also some time since I've been to Gettysburg Battlefield.  This was a location that in the early 2000's, when I just started to use a digital camera, I photographed in a series of visits. Looking back at those photographs, I'd love new opportunities to make new artist images of this historic battlefield and also of the Manassas Battlefield in VA which friends have commented is a more natural setting.  

For a longer and more distant photographic trip, I hope that Ann and I can go back this year to Acadia National Park in the Fall during the peak of fall colors and outside of the typical tourist season.

Last year's focus was on improving my skills in photographing waterfalls.  This year I want to build new skills and artistic perspectives in photographing  trees.  I often feel touched by the beauty and character of old trees but I can't say that I've expressed these experiences well in my photography.  Hopefully that can improve in 2015.