Making Daily Images

I recently purchased a Canon Supershot GX 1 to have an easily carried camera that has photographic controls for ISO, shutter speeds, aperture and exposure bracketing. Though this camera is not my SLR in terms of its speed in focusing and taking images, it takes great images and has dramatically improved my capability to make high quality photographs of daily scenes without carrying a large SLR.

Making high quality images during my routine days is teaching me to be a better photographer. Using a camera with controls motivates me to see my routine environment as a photographer and make images daily.  When I only had a simple point & shoot camera or smartphone, I wasn't looking for an artist images. Now, I'm seeing, slowing down and making photographs. Jay Maisel advised in a video that photographers should make photographs daily, if for no other reason than, to train the our eyes to see images in environment and develop our own style.

Last night walking out the ArtsQuest building in Bethlehem, PA after a watching a movie, I looked across the street to see the Bethlehem Steel blast furnaces beautifully lite.  It was a great opportunity to try the camera in night conditions.  I'm quite pleased with results even when using a high ISO (1600) and the RAW file format provides me greater flexibility in image processing. See this image on this website in my Pennsylvania Portfolio.