Photographing My Childhood

In the last week I've had the opportunity to photograph objects that are closely associated with my childhood.

As a boy growing up in Kansas and I spent countless hours riding in an old 1950's Chevy pickup with my grandfather and father going to jobs on the farm and pond/creeks for fishing.  After fishing we'd bring back the day's catch, get water from the well using the old hand pump, then clean and prepare the fish for dinner. 

My grandparents are no longer living and in the last year the farm's buildings burned down in a wildfire. So the farm house and barns, and most of the equipment that I knew so well are gone.

I've wanted to go back to the farm to see and photograph what remains.  I had that opportunity last week when I went home to visit my parents in Kansas; we took a trip to the farm. There I found the remains of the pickup truck sitting where it stood in a barn that had burned down. It is now a beautiful deformed wreck.   The well and its pump also sits in the grass near where the farm house stood. (The photographs are in my Landscapes portfolio of the Midwest on this website.) Seeing these objects and photographing them brought back a flood of memories of moments in my youth and of loved family members who are now gone. They're happy memories but the experience also reminded me of the things in life that are lost to time. Time moves on for us all, but our memories and love remain.  

Photography has been special because it makes me see and live in the moment. And sometimes, like last week, it also offers the chance to better connect with, appreciate and remember the past.