Planning a Week Long Photography Trip

I'm quite anticipating a trip that my wife an will be taking in October for which I've been planning.  We'll first be going to Rochester, NY to see our two children, Jonathan and Melissa, who are studying engineering at the University of Rochester, and we'll take our two Sheltie puppies for all to enjoy.  After spending a three day weekend there as a family, Ann, the puppies, and I will be take a road trip for the remainder of the week to Ithaca, Watkins Glenn, Corning, and then back into PA to the area around Rickett's Glen State Park.  

Ithaca, Watkins Glen and Rickett's Glen are all well known for their waterfalls which we'll take the time to photograph. I picked up two books which are quite informative on the topic: Waterfalls of New York State and Pennsylvania Waterfalls, A Guide for Hikers & Photographers. Both are wonderful resources for outdoors photographers.  I've been reviewing the information on the various falls near our route and loading the coordinates for their locations into my Garmin GPS which provides both road trip navigation and topographical maps for outdoors forays/adventures. This kept me busy last weekend.  I'm hoping that the planning and preparing will assist us in making the most of our time on the road.

I'm very hopeful that for many of these waterfalls that we'll catch them in their fall colors.  It would be a great photographic opportunity to be there at their times of full color. It should be an adventure that will also hopefully be photographically productive.

I dream to take many more and longer trips like this one at a stage a little later in my life where Ann and I can travel with more spontaneity using a trailer, and take the camera equipment, our dogs to see the wonders of North America and make photographic art.  Well it's something to dream of and shoot for!