What Writing and Photography Do to Me

Blogging is a new experience for me.  I have to say that it keeps me wondering whether what I’m experiencing, doing and thinking in photography is worth writing down and sharing?  In fact it keeps me asking, what am I experiencing?  It’s interesting how writing makes me better assess and appreciate my experiences

In some ways it has similarities to photography.  Photography teaches me to not only look but to also see the world around me.  So when I’m a landscape photographer, I’m working at seeing the natural world around me, not passing it by with a glance as I’m going somewhere.  That’s a key aspect of photography that is so special for me.  In my professional life, I’m working on a scientific problem or a business challenge, or I am striving to get to some future company goal.  But when I’m a photographer, I’m living more in the moment, taking in my personal experiences and the surrounding environment, and then trying to find a way to express that experience in my photographic images.  It’s this living in the moment that makes me want to spend more time as photographer. 

Similarly, writing about my experiences as a photographer leads me to consider my experiences and thoughts in a conscious fashion, then to find the words that can express that experience.  Both writing and photography lead me to explore myself, my experiences and my interactions with the world around me. Maybe writing will help me become a better photographer, and photography will help me become a better writer. Time will tell. 

At the very least both photography and writing help me live in and appreciate more the moments in my life. I hope that it does the same for you.