My First Photography Show

On Friday I dropped off one of my framed prints to be displayed in my first photography show. It 's exciting to be part of show but it's also makes me feel a bit unsettled. The show is associate with the the Lehigh Valley Photography Club in which I'm member.  There will be a reception in a week, and the photographs will be displayed for the month of September in the Bethlehem City Hall Rotunda.  I truly hope that the people seeing the show will enjoy my fine art photograph of Jordan Pond in the Acadia National Park on Desert Island, ME (shown in my Art Portfolio on this website).  The show is a nice next step for me which begun with my offering my photographs on the internet 2-3 years ago and sharing with a local photographic collaboration on the internet which ultimately led to five of my photographs being published in a photography print book, Capture Greater Lehigh Valley

I hope that this show will be to another productive step in my photographic art career.  There is a second photography show later in the year that will display pieces at the Allentown Art Museum in November. I plan to submit several of my fine art photographs for consideration for the show; hopefully I'll be able to participate.

If you live near Lehigh Valley, PA hope that you'll have the opportunity to see both photography shows.