Early Morning Light

Photography early in the morning before sunrise is like a treasure hunt.  Today I broke my typical routine and made the choice to go out looking for an image that I could make when the light was in the golden hour.  There aren't guarantees but there is the hope and promise that an image is out there to be found and made. As we enter into fall I love the cool mornings with dew on the flowers which can be beautiful in morning light.  Making this image this morning of a hydrangeas in early morning light was a wonderful way to start my day (http://www.rsbeckerphoto.com/outdoors/jwi7eux1ns9f6vcycfqu24ltcoyw0n).  The processing of the image file was working to capture those moments before and after the sun broke over the garden. Great fun and an opportunity to live in the moment and appreciate the experience.  These morning efforts aren't always productive, but the hope of success keeps us occasionally rising in the early morning hours.