Air Shows Bring Back Memories and Feelings

I had such a great time at the Lehigh Valley Air Show last Sunday.  It was my second year to attend the event and this year's aviators were amazing professionals and performers.  Last year I took my shorter focal length lens with limited successes but this year I took my telephoto EF 75-300 mm. It made a big difference in my photography though it took some practice to pan and frame the images appropriately.  Not all my images were keepers, but I had enough success to create a portfolio of photographs with which I'm happy. See the aviation folder on this website:

The Air Show and resulting photographs bring back a lot of memories.  As a kid I wanted to be a pilot or a scientist.  I drew pictures of jets and laboratories while day dreaming of both futures. In pursuit of my aviation dream, I went to the US Air Force Academy for a year and a half but my eye sight eliminated any opportunity of becoming an Air Force pilot.  So I spent my career in biopharmaceutical research & development; I have loved that experience but occasionally down deep I wonder what would it  have been like to be a pilot.  Seeing such great aviators and aircraft this weekend brought back all of the feelings, excitement and memories of flying Air Force training jets.  Aviation will always have a special place in my heart and mind.  It captures the human imagination in a way that expresses that anything is possibly with skill and dedication.

Wish I had more time and opportunity to pursue aviation photography.  Maybe someday I'll have the flexibility to go to some of the great air shows and races across the United States.