Acheiving a Goal of Making Artist Photographs in My Daily Life

This week I've achieved my goal to be able to make artistic photographs using a compact camera that I can carry with me on a daily basis.  As I spoke of in last week's blog, I purchased a Canon Powershot G1 X and have been getting to know the camera and its functions for the last week.  I've not been disappointed with this equipment.  It has many of the functions that I've come to rely upon in my Canon EOS 7D and it can save image files in RAW format, which is the format I prefer for image processing.

The goal of my investment was to be capable of making fine art photographs from the scenes that I come upon in my daily professional and family life without the impractical need to carry continually my much loved, but large and heavy SLR.    Yesterday driving home from the office, the skies near home had amazing clouds and thunderheads.  I had my new Powershot camera and I found a field by the road where I could pull over step out to make photographs of the very beautiful and striking sky.  Last night I was very pleases with the results of my image processing and I share the resulting fine art photograph in my Skies/Sunrise/Sunset portfolio on this website (  Please take a look and I hope that you enjoy the photograph.

It's very exciting to meet this goal because it opens a door to now to my being able to more spontaneously make expressive artist photographs in what is still a very busy daily life of work and family.