Anticipating Fall

Summer is rapidly coming to a conclusion; it has been a great summer season of family fun, which was full of photographic opportunities.  Even though it will soon end, I don’t have a sense of disappointment.  As an outdoorsman and photographer I love and anticipate fall. In Pennsylvania, we can already see its first signs: cool evenings and early mornings, gardens in full production, and the first signs of leaves turning color.

I look forward to photographing the colors of fall, and I appreciate when the parks that I enjoy aren't busy with summer vacationers making landscape and outdoors photography far easier.  My fall outings and hikes are cool and comfortable as compared to those in the heat of summer.  Fall is this special, long season of clear, crisp days with beautiful transitions from the greens of summer to the colors of fall and then the stark contrasts of winter.  I anticipate and will savor the upcoming fall season.

I plan to take several trips to local and regional waterfalls, and to other scenic locations in September and October. Hopefully those opportunities will result in a new assortment of photographic files that I can process this winter into my art expressing my much anticipated fall experiences.

So we have two more weeks and a Labor Day weekend to enjoy summer fun, and then we’re heading into the joys and scenes of fall.