My New Camera which Supports My Being a Photoholic

Avid photographers, “photoholics,” like me feel a need to make photographs on daily basis; that is often difficult with their daily responsibilities and families especially using the SLR equipment that we typically rely upon.  Most of us aren't professional photographers and so most of our time is spent in our jobs/professions and with our families where we can’t continually carry SLR equipment.  But we still see in our mind’s eye scenes during the day that have us saying to ourselves “I wish I had my camera.”  Often our compromise is to carry a small camera whenever possible.  Smart phones in recent years has become very useful tools for photographers; they provide an immediate camera and there are great photography app’s available. I've use my iPhone camera regularly when I don’t have my Canon SLR equipment with me.  But smart phone cameras aren't serious photographic equipment; you have no control of aperture and shutter speed, the sensors are small which affects image quality especially in low light, and you only end up with jpg files.  Small point & shoot camera aren't much better, which is probably why they've are having trouble competing with smart phone cameras these days.  Because of these circumstances, avid photographers typically take their prized fine art photographs in those seemly rare occasions when they have their SLR equipment, and “snapshots” the rest of the time.  As an example of this fact, I don’t have a smart phone or point & shoot camera image on this photography website and it’s not because I wouldn't like to.  I've missed countless photographs that I'd love in my portfolio if I'd had a "real" camera in hand.

Those of us with a passion for fine art photography want the control of our SLR but in a compact package that gives us RAW image files that we can fully optimize with programs like Lightroom and Photoshop.  We still want our SLRs for those important photography outings that we plan for, but we also want equipment that is appropriate for daily use when we’re out on the job or with family.  It should be small enough to easily taken with us on an outing, on the commute to work, or be packed in our carry on suitcase/briefcase during business trips.  I know I’m not alone in my desire for this kind of equipment. In the last year, I saw an interview with Bill Fortney, professional landscape photographer, on KelbyOne where Bill listed one of his most used and loved camera accessories being a compact Nikon camera having the features I describe. He carries this camera when out with his family, so that he’s prepared for those special scenes that unexpectedly arise.

Well I’m happy, and excited, to say that I may have found my equipment solution!  I’ve been looking for more than a year at cameras like the Canon SuperShot G1X.  Canon has just come out with the updated G1X Mark II and significantly lowered the price of the original G1X which was important news for my budget.  I’ll further note that I even prefer the original G1X because it has a view finder; I find using screens too difficult in bright sunny conditions, and Canon eliminated the view finder in the new Mark II model.  So, I bought the G1X camera this week from B&H Photo.  It appears to have the functions and features that I have come to rely upon in my Canon EOS 7D SLR. 

So take a look at this camera while it's still available or even at the SuperShot G1X Mark II, it may be a suitable solution for you as well.  There are also other great mirrorless cameras out there by companies like Nikon, Sony and Fuji Film, some of which have interchangeable lenses but these are too expensive and too much of a package for my daily carry around needs, at least for me. Please comment and share your needs and solutions, if you're a photoholoic like me.