Organizing My Photo Library

I've been busy the last few weeks trying to organize my portfolio of photographs into one Lightroom library.  For the last several 3 years, I've been using Lightroom routinely to manage my photographs but admittedly on three different computers and several internal and external hard drives. I’ve wanted to organize my best and most professional images, with their work flows, into one library so that images are easily found and backed up.

It’s been an interesting experience going back through 3 years of personal photography; suddenly remembering a photo-shoot or specific image not yet in the library that then has me looking in several locations.  The efforts have resulted in a combination of fun, frustration and occasionally the new found motivation to go back and reprocess some of my favorite images with new skills that I’ve recently learned.  I've even found new gems that were forgotten or not fully appreciated at the time.  

I’ve also been organizing my image files from processing efforts using a system that I recent learned on a YouTube video by  Files coming from a photo-shoot and the downstream processing are put into four folders: Capture, Selected, Master and Output.  I like the system, it’s rational and well organized.  Check out the video at:

I hope to have my library well organized and up to date by Labor Day so that I can back up all my important images and make sure they’ve been copyrighted. 

If you have any new or different suggested methods for organizing and backing up your images please comment and share .  I’ll make sure your recommendations get shared with everyone that reads this blog.  It seems to be an important but often neglected topic of instruction for photographers.

Happy shooting and processing as our 2014 summer comes to a close.