It's a Big Step Starting a Photography Website

Opening my website is an exciting step for me in my development as a fine art landscape photographer. It is a step in the journey that began two and half years ago as I began to seriously study and practice photography, and collect a portfolio images that I felt were worthy of display. My eye for appraising and selecting my own images has become far more stringent, making me a far better photographer. The experience of assembling a website has also lead me to better define and appreciate what I want to express in my photography.  Though I enjoy photographing a broad range of subjects, the subjects for which I feel an inner voice are landscapes and the outdoors.  These subjects are the passion that goes back to my childhood and they motivate me to think about, plan for, and create fine art photographic images.

Since your reading this blog, I hope that you had the opportunity view my collect of images and that you’ll reach out to me with your comments, questions, experiences and that you may suggest opportunities to work together. 

I’ll also be writing a blog on a weekly basis.  I hope that you’ll take the time to check in and read my thoughts and experiences as I pursue this passion and continue to develop as an artist.  Please keep an eye on the galleries as well; they’ll will continue to grow and evolve along with artistic development. It’s going to be interesting and exciting ride for me.

Have a great day and I hope that you’ll make the time to go out and capture your own experiences in photographs.  Send me the fruits of your own photographic efforts.