My Spirit of Thanksgiving this Holiday Season

The Holidays are here!  It's hard to believe; this year has passed so quickly and I've had so many wonderful blessings in the past twelve months. This is the year when I could come home from years of long commutes to spend time with my wonderful wife Ann and have a life busy with my passions. I'd been offered the opportunity to work in the biotechnology profession that I love and still be close to home where I can spend time with my family and have time for other activities. I began to meet and make friendships with other kindred souls, like my fellow photographers at Lehigh Valley Photography Club. I had the time to launch my photography website and blog which has really helped to improve my skills and to better understand my passions in the photographic arts. I even had a couple of my photographs in local club exhibits. Ann and I took our trip into New York State to see and photograph a beautiful fall and spectacular waterfalls   I've appreciated these opportunities to enjoy and expand as an artist, and I'm excited and anticipating further adventures in photography.

My son and daughter are doing wonderfully in college, my wife Ann and I are happy and together, and I've had the time to build a life full of the activities and relationships that I love.  I have much to be thankful for this season, and I recognize the blessings that God provided to me this year.  I look to this season as a time to reflect on these blessing and to plan for the upcoming year with further hope and anticipation.  Hopefully, I'll able to express these deep felt emotions and experiences in a few of the photographs this Holiday.

I wish you all an equally blessed Holiday Season!