Fall Photography

It was a busy October for my photography.  My long anticipated trip to New York State was quite productive especially for photographing waterfalls in their fall colors; some of these photographs can be found in my Art Portfolio and Waterfall & Streams portfolios.  The preparations, reading and practice that I pursued this summer to improve my skills in photographing waterfalls payed off;   I'm pleased with some of the images and have received positive feedback.  Seeing and photographing Ithaca Falls, Watkins Glen and Taughannock Falls was especially satisfying and stimulating.  I also began to explore Ricketts Glen in Pennsylvania but didn't have the opportunity to see all of the Glen and it's falls.  This location is not far from home so I plan to visit Ricketts Glen again in the near future.

Fall was such special season for these locations it makes me want to plan a trip for next year.  I'd like to photograph addition falls in New York like those in on the Genesse River in Letchworth State Park. 

I also found several wonderful locations in the Lehigh Valley for fall, and reportedly for spring, photography like the Lock Ridge Furnace Park & Museum.  The old furnace, surrounding building and old trestle provide wonderful scenes and back drops for photography. On my visit I saw a number of photographers doing landscape and portrait work.

I hope that you enjoyed this fall as well.  Now we need to start planning your photography projects for the winter season.