Missing My Camera

A week ago while trying to make a photograph of doves in our backyard, I got the dreaded error message as my Canon 7D and it wouldn't take a photograph. It reported a Err 40 which according to a report on YouTube related to losing power to some component in the camera as result of a loss screw on a main board. So the camera went off that day to the Canon repair center, a service fee was paid,  and I'm still waiting for the return my good friend.  

It's often said that we don't fully appreciate the things that are important to us, until they going missing. That has proven to be the case as I miss my Canon SLR and the experiences it brings. A weekend of going to the Reading Air Show put aside, and images of flowers missed. I look forward to having my good friend back home and ready for continuing artistic adventures. 

New Adobe Lightroom 6 and Adobe Media for Telling a Story

As many of you fellow photographers know Adobe updated Lightroom to version 6 this week. It was a rather easy transition to the new version through my photographer's CC subscription. My only moments of holding my breath came when the image screen in the Develop module went blue.  It was fixed when I turned off the use of a graphic card in the preferences menu.  The new version of Lightroom can use graphic cards to accelerate the development of images but the program wasn't compatible with the graphics card in my HP laptop.  So far I like version 6 especially when trying out the HDR and panoramas without going to Photoshop or third-party HDR software.  I saves the HDR image in a digital negative format rather than as a TIF.   I also hear that new additions and improvements to the Development Module are coming in early summer. Can't wait!

I noted during the updating that Adobe was also offering for those with CC photography subscriptions free access to a new Adobe program and service on iPad called Adobe Slate. I've been trying it out the last couple of days and I love it. It's a wonderful media for combining photographs and text to communicate a story or message. Check it out! It's quite easy to use, powerful and fun.

I did a small promotional document for my photography to try out the new medium. Check it out at: 

Passing a Personal Milestone

This morning I passed a personal photography milestone. . . This morning the number of views of my photographs on Google+ passed 1 million.  I realize that a million views is not really a "big deal" these days, but for me personally it is a a road marker that reminds me that I've traveled some distance in my pursuit of photography in the last three years.

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Planning for 2015

As 2015 begins, I'm led to consider the key subjects and goals for my photography in the coming year.  

The local landscapes and historical cityscapes are always attractive subjects especially with winter snows creating striking scenes and then the warming of spring and blooming of flora create expressive opportunities. From our back kitchen window I've been making photographs of the birds that visit our backyard feeders.  I've also begun to work on macro-photography of flowers and light painting of scenes.  A February trip to Longwood Gardens is in the planning and I would love to go back repeatedly for all the seasons. As Ann and I take trips to Rochester in the spring and summer to visit our son and daughter at the University of Rochester, I hope to stop off at photographic destinations in the New York Finger Lakes and the nearby waterfalls.  

Regionally, I certainly plan to better explore and photograph the falls of Ricketts Glen and falls along the Delaware River near Milford, PA.  It been also some time since I've been to Gettysburg Battlefield.  This was a location that in the early 2000's, when I just started to use a digital camera, I photographed in a series of visits. Looking back at those photographs, I'd love new opportunities to make new artist images of this historic battlefield and also of the Manassas Battlefield in VA which friends have commented is a more natural setting.  

For a longer and more distant photographic trip, I hope that Ann and I can go back this year to Acadia National Park in the Fall during the peak of fall colors and outside of the typical tourist season.

Last year's focus was on improving my skills in photographing waterfalls.  This year I want to build new skills and artistic perspectives in photographing  trees.  I often feel touched by the beauty and character of old trees but I can't say that I've expressed these experiences well in my photography.  Hopefully that can improve in 2015.

My Spirit of Thanksgiving this Holiday Season

The Holidays are here!  It's hard to believe; this year has passed so quickly and I've had so many wonderful blessings in the past twelve months. This is the year when I could come home from years of long commutes to spend time with my wonderful wife Ann and have a life busy with my passions. I'd been offered the opportunity to work in the biotechnology profession that I love and still be close to home where I can spend time with my family and have time for other activities. I began to meet and make friendships with other kindred souls, like my fellow photographers at Lehigh Valley Photography Club. I had the time to launch my photography website and blog which has really helped to improve my skills and to better understand my passions in the photographic arts. I even had a couple of my photographs in local club exhibits. Ann and I took our trip into New York State to see and photograph a beautiful fall and spectacular waterfalls   I've appreciated these opportunities to enjoy and expand as an artist, and I'm excited and anticipating further adventures in photography.

My son and daughter are doing wonderfully in college, my wife Ann and I are happy and together, and I've had the time to build a life full of the activities and relationships that I love.  I have much to be thankful for this season, and I recognize the blessings that God provided to me this year.  I look to this season as a time to reflect on these blessing and to plan for the upcoming year with further hope and anticipation.  Hopefully, I'll able to express these deep felt emotions and experiences in a few of the photographs this Holiday.

I wish you all an equally blessed Holiday Season!

Fall Photography

It was a busy October for my photography.  My long anticipated trip to New York State was quite productive especially for photographing waterfalls in their fall colors; some of these photographs can be found in my Art Portfolio and Waterfall & Streams portfolios.  The preparations, reading and practice that I pursued this summer to improve my skills in photographing waterfalls payed off;   I'm pleased with some of the images and have received positive feedback.  Seeing and photographing Ithaca Falls, Watkins Glen and Taughannock Falls was especially satisfying and stimulating.  I also began to explore Ricketts Glen in Pennsylvania but didn't have the opportunity to see all of the Glen and it's falls.  This location is not far from home so I plan to visit Ricketts Glen again in the near future.

Fall was such special season for these locations it makes me want to plan a trip for next year.  I'd like to photograph addition falls in New York like those in on the Genesse River in Letchworth State Park. 

I also found several wonderful locations in the Lehigh Valley for fall, and reportedly for spring, photography like the Lock Ridge Furnace Park & Museum.  The old furnace, surrounding building and old trestle provide wonderful scenes and back drops for photography. On my visit I saw a number of photographers doing landscape and portrait work.

I hope that you enjoyed this fall as well.  Now we need to start planning your photography projects for the winter season.